Welcome to my Website

Hello, my name is Julian. I’ve designed this site to showcase some of the projects I’ve worked on in the past as well as some that I’m currently working on now. I have worked on a few large scale web projects and have two apps in the iOS app store. In my free time I enjoy gaming and painting. I am current available to build websites for small businesses and personal sites, if interested just head over to the “websites” page on this site.

Latest Projects


Frostify is my online brand I’ve used since 2012 to generate over $30,000 in gross profit across various domain and website auctions, forums, and marketplaces such as Flippa, NamePros, CAX, GoDaddy, and Sedo.

Jerome's Jerry's Community

Jerry’s Community is a charitable blog I created for one of Southern California’s largest furniture chains, “Jerome’s Furniture”. The site displays organizations the company works with to give back to local communities.

four jumps

Four Jumps is my first addition to Apple’s iOS App Store, the game has a 5 star rating and is played by hundreds of players. The game introduces easy to pickup yet hard to master mechanics and requires sharp concentration.

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